I think my two best restaurant experiences were at Emeril's Delmonico in NOLA and Il Mulino in a few locales. I went to Emeril's back in 2001 and had a great meal. I enjoyed the BBQ Shrimp as an appetizer and the Veal Oscar for my entree. Great dining experience all around from the wait staff to the food. Very classy.

I've been to the Il Mulinos in NYC, San Juan and Las Vegas. If anyone has the opportunity to eat there, do it. It is a different kind of meal. They give you a great antipasto sampling when you walk in the door including tastes of different meats and cheeses. Then the courses are to die for. The first time I went I had the best osso buco I have ever had. Pastas are great and the desserts are phenomenal. They end the meal by giving you a free homemade glass of grappa. I will pass on that in the future.

Anyone else?