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Another plus with the UT job is that Javy and all his women attend the games.

Chip this is something I will never understand with college football coaches. Kelly has a job with a BCS team that has an easier route to a BCS Bowl or BCS Championship game. He is well compensated as coach of UC but obviously not as much as he would be as coach of UT. He also is in a low stress situation. While UC football is starting to garner water cooler talk in Cincinnati, it still has a long way to go. Remember his decision to take the safety against WVU instead of punting the ball? That was big for maybe a day in Cincy, down in Knoxville that would be talked about non stop for weeks.

IMO Kelly has a pretty good gig at UC. It isn't the mecca of college football but it also isn't Siberia. He is getting the program established and probably could take UC to a VaTech or Kansas St. type program if he stays. He will be able to dictate his own terms and become the King of Clifton. Down in Knoxville every single move of his will be scrutinized. I guess the biggest question is "Is it worth it?"

You know that's a point a lot of "mid major" basketball coaches are starting to see. Guys like Sean Miller, John Calipari, Brad Stevens(if he stays at Butler), and Mark Few are in a great spot. They now have the cache to be able to recruit on a national level, they play in conferences which for the most part will not challenge them. They can make the tournament every year and really as we saw with Memphis are at no real disadvantage if they want to make a run at the title.

I think it's easier to be "mid-major" in basketball and compete for the Final Four or title though.