If you register prior to January 9th, 2003 you will be charged a discounted $3.95 per month. After that date fantasy players will be charged $6.95 per month to access what will now be known as SandboxPlus. No longer free for any fantasy sport Sandbox(Plus) offers.

Certainly a bummer (to be charged a monthly fee in my opinion) for a site that continues to get worse with each succeeding year. Not to mention all the spam mail I receive from having my email addy given to online companies (from Sandbox and/or their partners).

I think I'll be looking elsewhere for a Baseball Fantasy League provider.

I do realize that Sandbox has costs that must be paid for. If they had a better product and hadn't caused me all the aggravation from the outrageous amount of spam (Thank goodness for the ability to block & filter email!) I would've been more apt to stay and pay but not now.

Here is the url for SandboxPlus' NEW FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:


Best Wishes,
Jerry/ Vada Pinson Fan