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Andrew Whitworth, Eric Ghiaciuc, Stacey Andrews, Anthony Collins, Levi Jones, Damato Peko, Pat Simms, Jonathan Fanene, Frostee Rucker, Robert Geathers, Pat Shirley.

It's more of a case of missing on a few of these guys.

Yet the Bengals will need to draft a RB next year. They have no depth at that position. However they should be able to wait until round 3 unless someone drops to round 2.
Jones is the only 1st rounder out of that bunch and Whitworth is the only 2nd rounder. They need to use more top picks on lineman....namely a defensive tackle.

It wouldn't hurt either if they stopped drafting projects. But, that's the Mike Brown way. Cheap.

I agree they need a RB. They should be able to get a decent one in the 3rd round, but I fully expect them to draft one in the 1st or 2nd round, again.