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Isn't the Tampa Bay model to come in last place for 10 years in a row, amass the top draft pick in every round for 10 years in a row, and hoard a huge glut of top prospects?

I don't really think the Rays did anything smart to build a great team. They were just so awful for so long they couldn't help but stumble upon some good young players with all the top picks they were given.

I agree it is not wise to overpay for free agents unless absolutely required in order to fill a gaping hole in the team.

The reason the Reds have a tight budget is because the owner wants it that way. They have made about $40 million in profit over the last 3 or 4 years (not counting this season). They have the money -- they just won't spend it. Maybe they will some day.

This guy's talking all kinds of sense. Thank you for saying this in the teeth of great opposition.

One key injury to the Rays and they're shot in AL East. Cf. 1999 Reds.