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I tried to make the point about the swelled heads as delicately as I could because it's not an overarching problem, but I think it's natural to fall into a sense of "Well we beat Richmond by 25, now we can relax." The margin for error really is slim that any feelings like that can mean the difference between a 25 point win and a loss.
I just don't think that is the case. X raced out to a big lead and then proceeded to play like CYO 4th Graders as they blew it. It was eerily similar to the UC debacle. I don't think the "big head syndrome" had much to do with it. If you watched the game you clearly saw how frustrated the Musketeers were and how they were painfully aware they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. They kept scrapping but looked exhausted and dejected.

Edit: I do think the swollen head syndrome is a real problem on occasion. I just don't think it was the issue last night, nor do I think there was any true "regression to the mean." It was a bad night, simple as that.