I have wanted to try to get a clearer picture of the consensus top 10-15 prospects. Too me top prospect means the player with the most raw talent + most polish + closest to the majors (legitimately close) + make-up (including injury issues). I will run 4 seperate polls 1 for each of the above areas and ask you to answer them as honestly as possible, in other words keep it strictly on topic.

After I run all 4 polls I will calculate the results too see if they jive with the current top 15 prospects. If anyone has anything to add or questions please do. I do have a question to all of you however should we give any weight to one aspect over another, I don't know that I am for that perse but I think it's a question that needs answering.

This one is raw talent which means who has the most god given talent by birth and so on. I'll list 19 raw talent types and 1 "other" you vote for who you think is the most talented 15 and then rank them accordingly by name in your post. If you do not rank them by name I'll assume you agree with the majority who do. One note I will include Homer Bailey as well as the R.O.Y eligible major leaguers. I think Homer is still a prospect to some degree in most eyes.