I just wanted to hear some of your opinions about him. I hear some people that expect him to be in the bigs next year. Personally, I don't think he is a big league hitter at this point. His big plus is his versatility but he mainly played third at Louisville and LF in Cincy. I've never seen him catch and I've heard that his skills behind the plate are lacking. It makes me think that he will be an emergency catcher at best if he makes the Reds. He gained a lot of fan support by his hitting tear when he was first called up but after he was pulled by Dusty for a pinch hitter after getting 6 hits in his previous 7 ABs, he went something like 1 for 17 for the rest of the season. He also didn't hit well in Louisville.

I think the Reds would be much better off with Rosales as a versatile bench player and let Castillo fight for playing time with the Bats. Any opinions on him?

Maybe opinions about Richar too. I think he has no business on a ML team. The only thing he really brings is speed.