From Fay:
The Reds won't raise ticket prices for this coming season. The only exception is with season-ticket holders who bought 3- or 6-year deals that expired this year.

This sounds like a no-brainer -- given the economy and last year's record -- but I can't remember the last time the club didn't raise at least some prices on individual tickets.

The move is result of the record, not economic crash.

"We made the decision in August," said Karen Forgus, vice-president of communications and marketing. "Bob (Castellini) was adamant because of the way the team played. He said they're not going up -- not $1."

The reason the Reds held off announcing the decision was they wanted to notify those people with the 3- and 6-year deals. It was fewer than 100 people.

"We wanted to contact them 1-on-1," Forgus said.

The Reds have done that. More than half of those affected have already renewed.

And as to report that Jim Bowden tried to get Joey Votto in a trade. I'm sure he did. You can try to get ARod for your fantasy team, too. But your buddy isn't going to give him up unless you make a ridiculous offer.

Another thing remember: Walt Jocketty hasn't made a trade with Jimmy B. since the 1997 Jeff Brantley-for-Dmitri Young deal. Brantley had a bad shoulder at the time, so that may have had something to do with it.
Gotta love Bob, we should truly appreciate that we have an owner like him