#12 UC vs. #19 Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl on January 1st, 2009 at 8pm eastern time

UC has had a series of "biggest games in their history" so far this season, and now we've finally culminated in what is now once again the biggest game in their history. UC heads to Miami with a #12 BCS ranking and a Big East Championship to take on the ACC Champs in #19 Virginia Tech.

UC has an excellent shot to win this bowl if they play well, and I actually wouldn't be surprised if they're favored to win. Mickens should be healthy and back in the secondary, and one hopes that Goodman is back healthy and able to play. My guess is Goodman will play even if he's not 100 percent, but then there will also be a chance that he could get knocked out during the game.

I'll be heading down to Florida in late December with a group of 11 as we picked up our bowl credits last week. We'll check airline flights once again, but we'll more than likely rent vehicles and drive on down. Fortunately we've got free places to stay in Florida which makes it even sweeter!

Anybody else heading down?