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I'm always amused when people say a coaches play calling is questionable.

Of course, given the definition of the word, I assume everything's questionable.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't the play calling that threw the interception in the endzone. It wasn't play calling that made an incredible diving interception at the UC 5, and it wasn't play calling that failed to gain 10 yards on 7 plays.

Sometimes you have to give credit to the other side. It's like they say in the SEC, "They're paying the other team too."

Whatever the outcome, that was anything but embarrassing, they played in the freaking Orange Bowl for crying out loud. Playing against a team with superior athletes, UC was pretty much two plays from winning the game.
I'm amused when Pike was continualy run out there, after multiple interceptions and a horrible performance, while Grutza sits on the bench and doesn't get a single snap. Only one guy can take the blame for that.....Kelly.