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Who is this guy? I am not sure who that describes who the Reds are looking at.

Burrell, has almost identical stats as Bradley, and wouldn't cost that much more ($2M a year more). Rivera has proven that when he does get a chance to start he can put up good numbers and will be cheaper than Bradley. Dye has just as good of numbers and would cost the same in $$$, but more in players.

Yes, if the option is between Bradley and Hopper or Taveras or Patterson, then the answer is clear, but there are just as good of options out there that don't have the extreme baggage that Bradley has.
That in particular is who I am referring to. It has been debated ad nauseum, esp in the ORG.

I agree, I'd take Burrell over Bradley myself - in fact that was my choice in the poll - but I'd have Bradley a close 2nd, and a HUGE distance away from Rivera, who for some reason, is leading that poll by a huge margin, 2 to one over Bradley.