Before the Freel detour, this week seemed all about the Dye-Bailey deal (that never was).

Found it interesting how divided folks here were on Bailey.

Will he sort out his issues - some of which are injury-based and some head-based - and become a solid major league starter in the near future?


Has he shown, as so many do, that you can fire a ball past minor leaguers and get away with it, but you can't do that to pros? Is he the pitching equivalent of Brandon Larson? Is he too stubborn to adapt and learn?

Use this thread to make your best case either way for Bailey. Will be anxious to hear the arguments for and against. Because if he will sort it out, you dont want to trade him now, at this low point. But if he won't be good, then trading now while he still has his stud rep IS the thing to do.

Why do you think he'll be good/great OR why do you think he won't live up to his hype?