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But if Milton Bradley's the documented problem child that edabbs makes him out to be, then his value has to be low, right? ... and teams aren't going to pay top dollar for a problem child...
I don't know. It's going to be really interested to see what he ends up getting.

Personally, I hope the Cubs do throw a lot of money and years at the guy.

Character issues aside, the guy is hard to project. He had a monster 2008. He did very well in limited time in 2007. I haven't watched the guy enough to know what happened. Did he make some kind of adjustment which allowed him to get a surge in offense? Or was he just happy or motivated by pending FA?

The guy had a monster year in Cleveland, but then really didn't play as well in LA and Oakland. I don't know if that was caused by his mood or what. That's the chance you take with signing this guy. Is he going to fall back to earth like he did in LA and Oakland? Is something going to happen to make him sulk?

I admit though, the thought of Bradley coming after Brantley and the Brennamans when they criticize him is exciting