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Marcus Camby I will give you, but Ricky Davis are you serious? What is Ricky Davis going to teach him? How to intentionally miss a shot and get your own rebound to get a triple double? EJ is a good kid and I have nothing against him and I am sure he will be fine but my point is he had nothing to gain but distrust by saying what he said about the situation at IU. He should have said there were problems but what is in the past is in the past.
Regardless, these people are like you and me and they make a paycheck the same as we do(although at a much higher pay level). Eric Gordon might be making more money than some members on the Clippers team, but the Ricky Davis and Marcus Camby's are going to be the ones who take Eric under their wings.

It's just like working a job somewhere. If you have somebody with higher seniority or age telling you how to improve doing something, odds are you are going to listen.