3. If Lindner simply wanted a business in which he could break even, then why choose Major League Baseball? If he pretty much knew that he wasn't willing to lose any money/investers, then why not pick something else?
Because Lindner is profiting from baseball. Not only is he getting franchise appreciation in $$, he is making yearly profits which are funneled into lobbying money, salaries for the partners, etc. Allen's magic acounting makes profits disappear.

The Reds had to only spend a minimal amount on the stadium, and the things they did buy were of the cheapest quality they could get away with (hopefully this means Carl is not in it for the long term).

I still laugh that most people believe that Marge was hemoraging money from the team. When did she ever have to put up her own money? Marge was probably running the team on a break even basis, which angered the limiteds. That's why they wanted uncle carl to own the team, so they could make a fortune off it. If Marge was losing so much money, why did she make a huge profit when she sold? Why were so many people interested in buying?

Carl would not make any investment which only had the potential to "Break even". The guy doesn't even like baseball. It's a pure investment.

If Carl is only "breaking even", then why did he buy the team? No one has ever answered that. He doesn't want it for his ego (silent owner), doesn't want to win, and doesn't even go to the games. It's an investment that is adding to his wealth, pure and simple.