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Does anyone else slowly see the clasisic career running back going the way of extinction. It seems now that you can just draft a guy in the late rounds, burn him out over 2 years, rinse and repeat.

Sure you'll have a diamond like Peterson or LT every few years, but overall...the "disposable" RB seems like the most viable route for RB, especially with the salary cap forcing maximization of every dollar.

For every Adrian Peterson or LaDainian Tomlinson, you have a Brian Westbrook(3rd round), Rudi Johnson(4th round), or Michael Turner(5th round).

I would like to see a runningback by committee approach. If done right, it can be very successful. It's not a fantasy owners dream, but if you look back to 2005, we were successful because of Rudi pounding the ball, then using Chris Perry (when healthy) as a pass catching threat on third downs.