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What was Frisch's connection to the Veterans Committee? I have often seen his named ranked with the many who do not deserve induction to the HOF but was he also on the Veterans Committee and partially responsible for so many bad inductions to the HOF?
Frisch was a great player, perhaps one of the top ten secondbasemen ever--he deserved HOF induction himself. The problem was that during his service in the 1970s on the Veterans Committee, which was much smaller than now, Frisch was able to get a large number of his former teammates inducted. Those selections included Jim Bottomley, George Kelly, Fred Lindstrom, Dave Bancroft, Pop Haines and Ross Youngs; while they had all been "good" players, none of them had been "great" players.
As a player Frisch was roughly comparable to Roberto Alomar, Jr., who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year (he probably won't be, but that's another story).
What Frisch did on the Veterans Committee would be similar to Alomar making the HOF and then a few years later being allowed to dominate a re-constituted Veterans Committee, with Alomar then engineering the selection for the HOF of Dave Stewart, John Olerud, Omar Vizquel, Bartolo Colon, Joe Carter, and Benito Santiago. All of those guys are former teammates of Alomar; all of those guys were "good" players, comparable to Bottomley, Kelly, Lindstrom, Bancroft, Haines and Youngs; and probably none of them belong in Cooperstown.