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So you hedge your bets with a career .668 OPS, coming off of a year of .604 OPS?

Okay, so it's not as risky anymore, instead it's just guaranteed suck.

The risk with Dickerson is that he might struggle and be as bad as Taveras. Now we have that in stone. We're supposed to be excited about that?

Even if Dickerson tears the cover off the ball, this team badly lacked depth in the outfield. They took Freel and Patterson's contracts off the books. Now who the heck would you rather have.......Freel and Patterson for 2009 or a cheaper Dickerson/Taveras?

You put Dickerson out there with Bruce, you still need a third outfielder. And who are the backups? If acquiring Willy Taveras leads to the demise of the Cincinnati Reds, I will be gladly give up my love for baseball.