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Maybe if I post this here, someone else will read it.

Credit goes to Raisor (as credit should for all great developments in baseball thought and life):
I wasn't saying that Taveras is a great player, or that he's the answer to our problems. But a career best year followed by a career worst year will tend to cause people here to exaggerate his flaws IMO. I'm not going to get into a debate about the numbers because I simply don't know enough about the saberstats as everyone else here. But this is a signing to improve the depth of the team that is drastically short on outfielders. This is a signing to give our young players time to develop. This is a signing to improve our outfield defense and team speed/baserunning, 2 areas that were so far beyond pathetic last year that I'm amazed it hasn't been focused on more.

Everyone seems to want us to replace the run production lost by Dunn leaving. I get that. But what I don't think everyone else gets is that Jocketty isn't looking to replace that. He's wanting to change the formula. Instead of increasing our run production, how about lowering the number of runs allowed instead? Increased defense alone will improve the results of our pitching staff. You can win with small ball if you've got great pitching. That's a given. But can we play effective small ball? That remains to be seen. But adding speed and defense is certainly a step in that direction wouldn't you agree?

Everyone seems to be griping that this is like some devastating move to the franchise and I just don't get that. We didn't lose anything with this signing. We didn't have a leadoff man, we didn't have enough OF'ers, and we didn't have a serious SB threat. Now we do and it didn't cost us anything other than some dough. Would I have preferred a BETTER player? Sure, but he is NOT Patterson. (this wasn't aimed at you...just ranting in general)