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No, I don't disagree---I vehemently disagree. Throughout this whole thread you've been presented with evidence that your position is not likely to prevail. Now, you turn a blind eye to what has been said by Jockety and what Baker has done in the past. (famous shrug) You continue to ignore both. That is the definition of a naive person.

You're certainly welcome to continue on this path but don't be surprised if no one gives creadence to your opinion.

Fine, disagree. But instead of that, how about you go back and RE-READ what Jocketty stated. He never said that Taveras is the starter or the leadoff hitter.

As for what Baker has done in the past, I don't discount that. Given his tendancies...I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up leading off and playing center. But I also wouldn't be surprised to see Dickerson there if he performed well in ST. Dusty's not an idiot. While you may not like him or his style, he certainly knows the game better than a bunch of message board junkies like us. As does Walt.

I agree with Rem. (Wow)

The more you try to defend this deal, the worse you make your case sound. Today 11:22 PM
Again, the only defense I'm giving this deal is that we've brought in an OF'er for a short term contract and we didn't have to give away any prospects. If he puts up the numbers he did last year and is handed the starting position...I won't be happy. If he reverts to his career norms...I'll be satisfied. But as long as he gives the kids time to develop on the farm...he'll have served his purpose. He's a stopgap. That's the defense of this deal.

And as I've also said numerous times, where's the better option out there right now on the FA market? Keep in mind, they'd need to accept a short term deal for an acceptable amount and they'd need to play solid defense.