I was a tad disappointed with Willy's acquisition. Not enough to give up my fandom, but disappointed nonetheless. I go back to the days of Vada Pinson when a center fielder, a good defensive center fielder could also hit 15-20 HR's. I'm still not sold on whether or not Traveras is a good defensive CF player, but I look at his statistics over his career and see Ryan Freel with a brain. While Traveras has averaged over 40 SB's per year and gets caught not so often (or make bone-headed baserunning errors) as Freel, the RBI and OBP stats are close. I wanted more. In these troubled economic times, I guess a Willie Mays replacement wasn't available. Oh well.

I'm still waiting for offense. With Dunn and Griffey gone, we need to replace +/- 180 RBI's in this lineup. You can have all the defense and pitching you want, but you must score runs and we haven't improved that much at all.