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The base of below market and highly productive talent in the rotation and lineup would have allowed for this team to be competitive in the 09-10 window given the right set of additions -- ones which could have been made within a reasonable payroll allowance and willingness to trade possible future production for present production.

To date, the Reds approach has been to add marginal talent and pray. If it's not going to happen in 2009-2010, then why waste your money on Tavares -- just play Dickerson or Hopper and be done with it. If you're trying to win in 2009-2010 and you know you need to improve both offensively and defensively, then how does adding Willy Taveras help? Regardless of what you're trying to accomplish in 2009, adding Taveras doesn't seem to make any sense.
The Reds needed three relievers and at bare minimum one very good starter starter, a defense, and a part of an offense to contend. In one offseason. Good luck with that.