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Pick a team name and starting building your championship squad. You can use any player you want, but you can only use each player once throughout the playoffs. You can use one fantasy team in all of your leagues, or create a new roster for each new league you're in.

Join a League, or Create One
You're automatically entered in the Go Daddy Championship League competing for big prizes, but feel free to humiliate your friends in a Private League. Or create your own Public League, say, "Fans of Danica".
Score Points & Win PrizesPro Football Playoff Challenge Prizes
Grand Prize
42" LG Plasma TV - Perfect for watching the 2009 season
Signed Marshall Faulk Memorabilia - Signed Photo & Signed Authentic NFL Ball
3rd Prize
$100 RotoHog Fan Shop Gift Certificate - Get your gear for the playoffs


The 2008 Go Daddy Pro Football Playoff Challenge uses a scoring system with the following points awarded for each statistical category:



6 pts: Passing Touchdown
0.03 pt: Passing Yard
-3 pts: Interception

6 pts: Rushing Touchdown
0.1 pt: Rushing Yard

6 pts: Receiving Touchdown
0.1 pt: Receiving Yard

2 pts: 2-pt Conversion (only the player that actually takes the ball into the End Zone will receive credit)
-2 pts: Fumble Lost
6 pts: Kick Return for TD

3 pts: Field Goal (FG)
1 pt: FG > 39 yards
0.1 pt: Each FG yard over 40
1 pt: Point After TD (PAT)
-1 pt: Missed FG < 30 Yds
-1 pt: Missed PAT

6 pts: Touchdown
2 pts: Safety
2 pts: Interception
2 pts: Fumble Recovery
2 pts: Blocked Kick (Punts, PAT, FG)
1 pt: Quarterback Sack
Points Allowed: 12 pts: To Start -0.5 pts: Each Point Allowed by DEF

Tiebreakers are used for awarding prizes only. Tiebreaker categories are listed below in descending order of importance:

1. Total points from the final week.
2. Team's total offensive touchdowns
3. Team's total kicking points
4. Total Quarterback points scored
5. Total points from first week (Wildcard games)
In an extremely unlikely event that the tied teams are still tied after these 5 categories are considered, then these teams shall remain tied, and will split the value of the prize equally.

Team Setup


Each team has the following ten starting positions:

2-Quarterbacks (QB)
2-Running Backs (RB)
3-Wide Receivers (WR)
1-Tight End (TE)
1-Kicker (K)
1-Defense (DEF)

Roster Locking

Rosters will lock 10 Minutes before the first game of the week.

Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral Questions
Q: How long does the game run for?
A: It runs for the entire playoffs, from Wildcard Week through the big game.

Q: What can I win?
A: 42" LG HD Plasma TV, Marshall Faulk signed gear, or a $100 gift certificate to the RotoHog Fan Shop.

Q: Is it free to play?
A: Yes, 100% free. And for just 99 cents more than free you can get a Jr. Whopper.

Gameplay Questions
Q: Can I have more than one team?
A: Yes, if you want. You can play one team in all of your leagues, public or private. Or you can create new team for each new league.

Q: Can I have be in more than one league?
A: Yes, you are automatically entered in the Go Daddy Championship League, and you can start and/or enter as many other leagues as you want - Public or Private.

Q: How do I know which players I've already started?
A: Players you have started in previous weeks will not show up on the Player page as an option