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I don't know if I would compare Shanahan to Mangini. The Shanahan firing is shocking to me. During his entire tenure he had the Broncos relevant and won two Super Bowls. From what I heard he got in a pissing match with the Bronco's owner and the Bronco's owner won. IMO Mangini was an over rated coach that saw success based upon smoke and mirrors in his first season in NY. There is always a team in the NFL that gets on a roll and makes the playoffs that falls back down to reality the next season. The Browns were a perfect example of that this season. The Jets went all in this season and failed to make the playoffs while the Giants have turned into the dominant team in the NFL. The writing was on the wall for the Mangini when he failed to make the playoffs.
IMO, Mangini is taking the fall for Mike Tannenbaum. Broadway Brett was supposed to get them into the playoffs and he ran out of gas. I would look at the person who acquired Favre.

I guess what is really frustrating is that if you are a Bengals fan, you look at teams who are better than you firing their coaches and they have at least had success.