Here's a discussion of 2009 sleepers albeit with a bit of a fantasy bent. The comments have some interesting names including Joey Votto.

Today we pose a question to the readers: who is your #1 sleeper for 2009? Hopefully your league-mates aren't reading. Sleeper is defined in the loose sense - just a guy who is greatly undervalued, in your opinion. For example, we all knew who Tim Lincecum was heading into '08 but he was still a great sleeper pick.

I'll kick it off with my own #1 sleeper: Nelson Cruz of the Rangers. Cruz had a ridiculous 2008. He hit .342/.429/.695 in 103 Triple A games, nailing 37 HR and swiping 24 bags. He did just as well in 115 ABs for the big club - .330/.421/.609 with 7 HR and 3 SBs.

Cruz has the potential to jack 30 HR for the Rangers in 2009. He attempted a steal 25% of the time he was on first base in the minors, so the potential for double digit swipes looks strong too. He'll join current Texas mashers Chris Davis and Josh Hamilton.

Cruz has his flaws - he's 28, and he'd spent plenty of time in Triple A prior to '08. And he didn't do anything with the 437 ABs the Rangers gave him prior to 2008. He also used to strike out quite a bit. But the guy's being drafted in the 16th round - he's a risk worth taking.

Let's open up the floor to the readers. Who is your #1 sleeper (you only get one) for 2009, and why?
Who are your sleepers? Do you think the Reds could and/or should go out and get one of them?