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I don't see where Pete Carroll did anything wrong. But since it's Pete Carroll we'll never hear the end of it. In the past Pete Carroll has urged players to leave early if he thinks they are ready. If he doesn't think they're ready then he lets them know. That's what any good coach does. Very few players have gone against Carroll's advice. The last player I remember to do so was Mike Williams and look how he turned out. BTW, I agree with Carroll's assessment. I don't think Sanchez is quite ready for the NFL yet.

But, it's Pete Carroll so we'll just make a big deal out of nothing.

I'll take a crybaby over the cheaters in the SEC.
If Sam Bradford comes out, Mark Sanchez stays, and rightly so.

FWIW, outside of Kentucky, USC would probably be my second collegiate team in college football. I've always enjoyed watching them play.

To be fair though, Mike Williams probably isn't the best example given he sat out a year fighting the NFL trying to get drafted.

I don't think Sanchez is quite ready right now, and a full year with a clipboard would likely be the best option depending on who drafts him. I think he is better served to come out this year than wait until next when he is going up against Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow, among others.

Right now he has the chance to chase Matt Stafford for the first overall pick and possibly be a top ten pick. Next season, who knows what might happen.