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If only it were that simple, although I credit 2005 with having a lot of toys to work with on offense and a respectable defense.

What will live in my mind was the first game of this season. The Bengals got a turnover on the Ravens first possession and were well within striking range. Any time you get a turnover like that, you go straight for the kill. Bratkowski ran the ball the first two times and Palmer was sacked on third down, knocking them out of field goal range.

Bratkowski is way too conservative, and that is really what has stifled the Bengals offense, especially the last two years.
Brat conservative? I was with you guys until then. The guy might have been a tad conservative this year as he should have with the players he had to work with. But if you have ever truly paid attention to Brat he's far from conservative at least by my definition. I always felt he was way too pass happy.