Just looking to vent for a second and get any type of feedback/advice.

I am two years removed from graduating college with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Currently living in good ol' Lexington, Kentucky

First Job out of college: Dillard's, Sales Associate/Management Intern for Men's department. Lasted 4 months, not worth working 6 days a week @10.00 an hour. (No time with wife at all/Retail jobs not for me).

2nd job out of college: I worked for a start-up chain called the K.I.S. Country Club and Golf Academy. The job was straight commission, very challenging trying to convince families to sign up for a 5,500-11,500 membership for a "lifetime" of golf INDOORS. While certain aspects of the membership were a good idea it turns out the job was a giant Ponzi Scheme, recently the place filed for bankruptcy, the FBI is involved, and now thousands of members including my wife and I through out the U.S are let with an average of 6,000 debt for a out of business/bankrupt country club.

Currently: I am currently working as a "telesales representative/account manager" for a security product distributor. The job started out okay. While the base pay was not good (12.50) an hour, I was able to make solid commissions every month in order to make ends meet. Just like many others the economy is greatly affecting my territory and the numbers are way down. As of January 1st the company cut the old commission plan and implemented a new "bonus" program (close to impossible to make anything). So now I'm pretty much working for a base of 12.50 an hour in a job where my degree doesn't make a difference, and advancement is really ever a possibility. The past few months, commissions have not been paid on time and have been nickel and dimed to death. Now the bonuses are not guaranteed and there is no longer a specific pay schedule listed (no clue when we'll get paid them).

I'm currently waiting to here back from a large medical company to work as a endoscopy specialist at a local hospital. It seems like an awesome (but high stress job), with a lot of potential for advancement. It's currently my only hope of getting out of this disaster job.

I've gotten a lot of "you have to start at the bottom and work your way up lines", which I have no problem with. In my previous three jobs that is what I've tried. Unsuccessfully. I don't think it is unfair trying to find a job that pays a college graduate 30,000k a year? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm currently in a monster career rut with no guidance, and no path in life. I really just want to find a satisfying job that I can somewhat enjoy. Is there any hope out there?

Let's Vent!!!