2 questions for all of you Reds fans (if there are any left with the way Walt is going this off season, possibly the worst Reds off season ever).

1) Will you go to a Reds gam ein person this year if the roster stays the way it is. I have been to at least one Reds game every year I have been alive. But if Walt goes into the season with this team I will not attend one this year. Walt is in the running if DanO for being the worst GM the Reds have had so far. He still could turn it around but I doubt it.

2) How far under .500 do you think the Reds will finish. Im going to say a record of 69-93 if the roster satys how it is. Now if Walt goes out and gets run producer to put in the middle of he lineup I think they will finish 6-8 games above .500. A run producer is all the Reds are from having a solid year. I just cant underwhy Walt wont sign a run producer. He said the payroll will be in the 80 to 85 million range. If EE and Stormy get a combined 7 million in salary that putds the Reds around 68-70 million in pay roll. So to say the least they should have around 8-12 mil. spend. I for just think Walt is telling the fans what they want to hear and plans on doing nothing. If Bob wants to win he will fire his friend now and hire a GM that has a idea of what to do.

I am really not looking forward to this year. I really hope the Walt and the Reds make me eat my words but I truly doubt they will. I would be totally shocked if the Reds win the 69 games I said they would above with the team Walt has put together.