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#26 may be harsh, but the Reds system is in a lull at the moment. Turning out Votto, Cueto and Bruce in a year was heady stuff, but the remaining kids on the farm in no way resembled those three players circa 2007 (or even 2006). The problem with the system is the starting pitching on the farm is flat out poor. The position players lack a certain wow factor too - Frazier and Alonso profile more as steady players than annual MVP candidates. I've got nothing against steady players, but no one gushes over them while they're in the minors.

The Brewers and Cardinals are the class of the division in terms of the farm system at the moment. The Pirates have the most drool-inducing top end prospects (Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutcheon). The Cubs have power arms and shortstops. The Astros are a joke.

The Reds have a lot of kids with something to prove in 2009. If they do, then the plaudits will follow, but I think it's fair for the jury to be out on the Reds system at this moment.
M2, in your honest assessment, have the REDS' overall organizational ranking taken a step backwards under Jockety? There are many ways to assess this. Has he developed what he inherited properly? Has he improved it at all? Has he stood pat too much? etc...