I attended the Reds Caravan stop at the Town Centre Mall today. It was supposed to begin at 3:15, but the bus didn't arrive until 3:25 PM. I got there at 3:00 and the line wrapped from Macy's the entire width of the mall, around a planter, and down the mall. I waited patiently. Marty Brenneman, Chris Welsh, Lee May, and Brandon Phillips came walking in, by the crowd, and up to the makeshift stage. A couple of us yelled at Marty as he came in and he smiled and responded, "what's up guys?" Oh yeah, Gapper was there too.

After Marty introduced everyone (including an absent Brandon Phillips who mysterously disappeared for a little while), the line started moving as people brought bats, balls, etc for autographs. Marty mentioned that they were "Team A" of the caravan. He mentioned that Brantley and Grande were "Team B" and they had Yonder Alonzo with them and before the caravan was over, he might want to ask for a trade. Since I'm really not into autographs, i just followed the line to speak to Marty, Chris, Brandon and Lee May. There were some Reds officials there too, but pressed for time, i concentrated on those four.

Marty seems like a nice guy as does Chris. Both were talkative. Brandon smiled constantly and offered to sign my group ticket brochure. I asked about the 2009 Reds and got few answers, even if Suddenlink would be carrying the Fox Ohio 100+ game schedule. No one, including Welsh had an answer. Typical because the sponsor of the event was local radio station WCHS.

A nice trip. I recommend it when it comes to your town.