Does anyone have some recommendations for some moderately priced speakers for our home stereo in our living room?

I am not an audiophile in the purest sense of the term, although I thought at one point I may develop into one! I do however want something of very good quality. THey would be replacing some Boston Acoustics I bought in 1990. I thought somethjing sounded a bit weird the other day and I saw a hole the size of a golf ball in one of the woofers! We have been contemplating some different speakers anyway from a design/footprint perspective. Alternatively I guess I could look at replacing the woofer, but I thought I se what else is out their, what it costs, and how it might fit in better with our current living room set-up.

Their primary purpose will be to play music, running the range from Red Hot Chili peppers, to AC/DC to country and folk and everything in between and beyond. The room is a fairly large living room (~ 24 x 18) with 8' ceilings. We have renewed our music listening with our new ability to stream all our music from our computer to the stereo, and of course I find this right afterwards! The speakers will be driven by my old Nakamichi TA-1 tuner amp, 35 watts per channel. I am not looking for a surround sound setup at this time, just 2 speakers. Any thoughts?

I think we are still looking for free standing speakers to retain flexibility, but ideally would like a smaller footprint and be able to retain as full of a sound as possible.