Talking to Jocketty
Posted by JohnFay at 1/30/2009 4:07 PM EST on

Walt Jocketty said that Reds continue to have conversations with free agents but not the kind of guys that will make headlines.

"I talked to some agents and gotten some e-mails," Jocketty said. "We're talking to some fringe guys who are trying to get into camp."

Jocketty said at this point the Reds are only talking about minor league contracts with invites to camp.

He downplayed the possibility of Luis Gonzalez being signed.

"I talked to his agent," Jocketty said. "But that was several weeks ago."

The Reds have had contact with Ty Wigginton's representative.

"I talked to his agent," Jocketty said. "They're getting close to desperate stage. But we're really only looking at bench help. I think that's the only type of guys we'll bring in -- if we do that."

One thing to keep in mind about Type A free agents: If you sign them now, you lose a draft pick. If you sign them after the June draft, there's no compensation.

"It's a possibility that you'll see guys go until then," Jocketty said.

Assistant GM Bob Miller is handling the negotiations with Edwin Encarnacion. "He hasn't talked to (Encarnacion's) agent in a few days," Jocketty said. "I still think we'll settle, but it will probably happen closer to the hearing date."