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He's got an average sinker and slider that he can throw for strikes. He doesn't miss bats.

If he had two plus pitches and plus command, wouldn't BA have him higher than 13th in a farm characterized best by it's depth? John Sickels tends to mention guys like that too....
I never said he had two plus pitches. I said he has two above average ones. I have heard his slider referred to as a plus pitch, but I have also heard it called above average and so I will go with above average until I get a chance to see it more often referred to as plus by people I know made that assumption on their own merit not by something they heard.

Still, he doesn't miss a ton of bats, but he induces ground balls and doesn't walk guys while still missing some bats. I don't think its a stretch to see him be a guy who puts up similar IP and ERA numbers to Arroyo (without potentially having a 2006 type season mixed in). They will go about arriving at the final spots differently, but a 3-1 K to BB and lots of ground balls can lead to success even if you are only striking out 15-18% of the batters you see.