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If we do a runoff (Cumberland and Thurman) I'd suggest just doing it for a day or maybe a day and a half.

Man, it would sure be nice if I could start voting for someone other than Mace. Shea Snowden needs me.

Meanwhile, the post about international Reds and WBC rosters is interesting (the heading is about Castillo). I didn't know anything about Luis Machuca, Luca Panerati or Matteo Pizziconi, but they sound worth watching, at least.
Machuca was one of the better pitchers in the DSL, but he was far from impressive in the GCL. The Italians lefties did very well in the GCL, but I don't know what to expect from them moving forward. Panerati probably has the higher ceiling, but neither one of them miss bats much, so I don't think we'll know much until they go against more advanced hitters.