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Just ask a UC fan about the actions of a few becoming the image of an entire program. It doesn't take much reality to create a perception.
As a UC fan, reading this has been kind of funny... I know at least a couple OSU fans that have said some similar things about UC. The best Part was the one about ESPN's biased coverage LOL. I hear mostly good things about OSU on ESPN. I think BC was just poking fun, but I'm not sure. I despise OSU, but saying they are a bunch of criminals is a little outlandish to me.

This isn't a big deal to me. If he was caught with drugs then its a different story. It happens in every program. A kid gets drunk, does something stupid. Can't say I haven't seen that scenario before. Sure, he should be more careful since he is in the public's eye, but he is young. He'll get his punishment, probably lose some money over it, and hopefully come out of this a better person. Thats the important part.