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WLW ran off some statistics about nonathletic things that have changed at UC since she was hired. The class rankings of incoming students, number of national merit scholars, annual giving, the capital improvement campaign, campus construction, and faculty awards. The difference was substantial.
Two months ago, I was in a debate over whether or not UC would be able to retain Brian Kelly, which they obviously have, for now. She had a sit down with Kelly, and Mike Thomas, and they hatched out a plan that Kelly seemed to agree with that is keeping him in town, so far. She has vision, and it should not be downplayed.

It is obvious that some UC fans, underestimate how much good she did for the university. The Bob Huggins thing was not handled well, but a university should not be defined by how they hire and fire and basketball coach.
It's not just the Bob Huggins incident. She ran off the dean of CCM (top school in the nation), and several others. She insulted former graduates by implying thier degrees were worthless. The fact is, Nancy burned a lot of bridges in this town, and she knows it. Her image here will never change, she sealed her own PR problems with her arrogant attitude, probably part of the reason she's been interviewing for a new job for the past few years.