A couple of these transactions were lost in the RedsZone crash from a couple weeks ago, and others I haven't seen mentioned on RedsZone at all.

Ryan Doran
He's a 22-year-old outfielder and son of Bill Doran.

Nate Driessen
He's a 17-year-old left-hander from Australia.

Korey Feiner
He's a 27-year-old catcher and brother of Kevyn Feiner (another Reds minor leaguer) who has played in the Twins' and Mariners' organizations. The Reds signed him out of independent ball.

Tomas Sykora
He's a 16-year-old pitcher who was signed out of the Czech Republic back in August. He hasn't pitched in a game yet, though.

Jan Vasourek
He's a 17-year-old pitcher who was also signed out of the Czech Republic back in September.