Baseball America has new stuff out today related to the 2009 draft including the top 100 college and high school prospects.

The Reds hold the number eight overall pick in the draft and they also have a supplemental first-round pick somewhere between #41-50. With the #8 overall pick, I'm quite intrigued by the plethora of college pitching. The top two talents are Stephen Strasburg (RHP) and Grant Green (SS) and both figure to go 1-2. After them, Alex White and Kyle Gibson interest me the most. White will most likely be gone by the time the Reds pick, but Gibson should still be around. He's already got great stuff but some say he's got the most projection left of any college starter. His lanky frame should allow him to fill out and add another 2-3 mph to his already plus velocity.

The top high school talents are Donovan Tate (CF) and the two left handed starters Tyler Matzek and Matt Purke. I prefer Gibson to the HS lefties, but if the top college arms are off the board then I'd consider Matzek or Purke. Tate is very intriguing. He's a 5-tool center fielder with big potential. I'd love to have him but he's a Georgia boy and the Braves own the #7 pick. Expect this to be similar to 2007 when the Braves picked one spot ahead of the Reds and grabbed Georgian Jason Heyward.

A kid I'm hoping will be around when the Reds pick in the supplemental round is Jiovanni Mier, a high school shortstop from California. He's rated as the best defensive high school shortstop in the draft and he's got the tools to be a good hitter. I'd be thrilled if the Reds could come away with a Kyle Gibson/Alex White/Donovan Tate at #8 and then Jiovanni Mier in the supplemental round.