Hey Eric, As far as I'm concerned please feel free to go ahead and head (commish) an Auction League for those of us interested.

CBSsports.com 2010 Baseball fantasy leagues are now on line and just looking at what their Mock Drafts have to say about Auction Leagues is basically this: 24 Rounds, each player will nominate one player each round to their queue (list) within 20 seconds, you then have 15 seconds to post your highest bid price you want to make for that particular player (if you want him). You'll have an onscreen listing of players you have acquired with your high bids and the position(s) they play. Then simply fill out your roster carefuly using your $280 (imaginary) payroll spread over those 24 players. Also you'll see the running total of the amount you have spent / have left to spend. Be sure to use all of your $280 payroll because it serves no purpose to retain any of the fake dollars.

Count me in Eric and let me know when you sign up a league for us to join. Doesn't have to be CBS. They just happened to go live already. All others interested should make themselves available for the live online auction at the time the Commissioner (if Eric wants it and no objections) sets for us. You should let him know in advance what date (such as weekends rather than weekdays works best for you or vice versa and perhaps PM is better than am on a Saturday or Sunday or vice versa) wont work for you if you are going on vacation in Feb. or March for example.

Another good idea is to make your email addy available to the Commissioner in case your PM box is anywhere close to being full, like mine is, lol. Then when the league is formed, it's a good idea to share email addy's with all league members in order to help facilitate trades during the season.

I will contact you also Eric via PM now since I don't have your email address.

Looking Forward To A Great Auction League With Those Of You That Join In!!!

Vada Pinson Fan