We have started a new dynasty keeper league this year and we still need a few more players. We are looking for Redszone members to play in a competitive, friendly long-term league.

Guys like WilyMoRocks, camisadelgolf, nate, *BaseClogger*, and mbgrayson are already involved. It will be lots of fun. If you are interested just shoot me a PM and I will give you the sign-up credentials.

It is a dynasty keeper league, which means it will go on for years and you keep all your players from one year to the next. So the idea is to draft some current stars and some young prospects that will mature into future stars.

Yahoo 5x5 Roto standard settings
12 Teams
Mixed League (NL & AL players)
Dynasty Keeper league
28 roster slots
1 extra UTIL starting slot
1 extra Infield starting slot
1 extra P starting slot + 75 IP limit
Slow live draft with 12 hour limit for each pick. Draft will take about two weeks.

Most people will pick within the first couple hours of their draft turn, so there won't actually be 12 hours between every pick. Usually we get through about 1-2 full rounds per day.

I will randomize the draft order after we get everybody signed up. Waiver priority will begin as opposite of draft order.

All owners must use their RedsZone username as their team name. This makes the game more personal and familiar and encourages people to become more involved and stay that way. Otherwise it is just another anonymous Internet league.

We request a commitment from each owner to pay attention all season long and to play in future years also.

We can talk about some modifications to the structure once we get signed up. All important league decisions will be made by consensus. I am not a dictatorial commissioner.

We started AL-only and NL-only dynasty leagues last year and they were great successes. This will work the same except it is a mixed league.