Im sure giggles was laughing it up today at the combine

per CTrent

One of the big lines of questioning was on the 3-4.

Here's some interesting stuff, first off, on one of the advantages:

"It's better on your cap because it doesn't cost as much for that outside backer than it does a franchise defensive end. Your special teams are better because you have more linebackers. ... It's a good thing, I think it's an unintended consequence."

Why haven't you gone to the 3-4 in Cincinnati?

"Next question?"

Could Geathers and Odom play?

"I know Robert can because we did it with him and it would be a matter of whether Antwan would ? I'm not quite ready? I don't know. Mike and I have talked about that. Mike Zimmer and I have talked about it."

Is it a possibility?

"I don't know. I think I like things we did this last year and I feel good about that and knowing where we are and I wouldn't want to make that transition right now because we'd be starting over again right now. The things that we built with the fits in the running game and the things guys understand right now, I'd prefer to continue that way knowing we've taught these guys to do some things that incorporate that.

"We were 4-3 (in Baltimore) but we took Peter Boulware and constructed the defense around him. He was one of those guys coming out of Florida State. That's the same thing we?ve done at our place, we just haven't found our Peter Boulware, so we?ll try again this year.
Yeah, that's why we drafted David (Pollack) to be that guy."

Find that guy seems to be difficult:

"We've got to find a rusher. It's plain and simple. You've got to find a person out there who can get you 10-plus sacks. That's what the key to the defense is. The team that sacks the quarterback the most, doesn?t win all the games, but pressure creates turnovers and turnovers create wins."

Pollack was supposed to be your Boulware?
"The last guy that sacked Ben Roethlisberger three times was David Pollack. It's plain and simple. You create a void, he's a No. 1 pick, who got hurt and played one season of football for us. He was our Carson Palmer for the defense, he was our energy, he was our passion. That's why we drafted him, that?s why we were just holding our breath when we got to pick him because of what we were adding."