I’ve run into a couple of problems. Right now I’m enrolled as a full-time student but I’m also searching for a job. I’d prefer a job where I could work a majority of the time on weekends and possibly a couple days during the week depending upon what fits around my class schedule. An ideal job would be one that allows me to gain valuable business experience and lasts through my remaining 2-3 years of school, however the biggest concern right now is simply finding an opportunity. I’m sure there are people on here who have already been in this situation before or have experience managing multiple responsibilities at a time and I was hoping to get suggestions from some of you about jobs you were able to work while in school or anything else you think might help.

Aside from that, I’m also hoping that I wont have to limit the kind of opportunities I pursue based on my previous work experiences, because I’m really not sure there is much there that is going to help me (aside from money) going forward. So I guess my last question for anyone who has changed careers or has moved on to pursue something different, how were you able to sell yourself as someone who could handle working in a distinctly different situation?