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I get all that...but I still want it.

I want to see it too if it happens. But the writer has a point. A lot of the more beloved shows, like AD, Star Trek and Firefly were perhaps cancelled too soon. But the cancellation and the way the network(s) messed around with the show(s) gives the fans some kind of bond. It's them against those bastards at the network who cancelled their favorite show.

However in some cases it's better to get cancelled too soon rather than too late. For several reasons, some shows that start off well and are great for a few years tend to drop on quality. Writers/actors/producers leave for greener pastures or ask for more money that the network(s) won't give them. They become attached to catch phrases or storylines that were great 4-5 years ago but now are hackneyed. I think The Office is a prime example of that. While still funny at times it lacks the excellence of the first few seasons. Yet NBC wouldn't dare cancel it since it still gets good ratings and it sells a lot of merchandise.

Sometimes it's enough to say a show was great while it lasted and never "jumped the shark" (loved Henry Winkler literally jumping a shark in AD) because you don't want it to come back at a lower quality than it was when it originally aired.