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How is it a decent pick-up to sign a guy who has shown nothing but the ability to lose games all by his lonesome? And how does signing a guy who is all but guaranteed to lose you the game if you put him in, plugging a hole, efficiently?

This seems to be a case of, we signed him, he must be good.

Not only is that an agenda driven post, but it's just flat wrong.

You're talking to Bengals fans. We naturally assume that any signing the Bengals make is 100% the wrong move. The management has done nothing ti illicit that type of response from Bengals fans. That type of reaction would be more likely found around patriotszone.com

Anyways, we're talking about a back-up quarterback. The alternatives were the likes of Leftwich, Grossman, and Losman, a trio that could also be known for finding ways to lose games. O'Sullivan is a turn over machine, but he at least moves the ball down the field at the same time. He's basically a better armed version of Fitzpatrick (a turnover machine in his own right), which does equate to an upgrade. Any free agent QB signed on as a back-up is going to have his fair share of problems. The moment Carson Palmer goes down likely means the end of the Bengals season regardless of who comes in to relieve him, as such, if there's a place to be thrifty, it's the back-up QB position.