I hope this isn't a sign of things to come but his baserunning has been garbage to say the least. He was thrown out trying to steal 3rd down 1 run in the 9th yesterday. Today he ran through a stop sign to get thrown out at the plate. Freel was always great at being a "fast" baserunner, but not a good baserunner and I hope that Willy isn't from this mold. We don't need a guy that takes chances and risks and inopportune times. That also scares me about the new speed and defense mold that the manager and the brass are pimping to the fans. I don't want us running just to be running, we need to be about 80-85% for the running game to have a positive impact. It also seems like we haven't been very successful stealing bags this springs... maybe that's not the case.

Does anybody else worry about this? Is it too early to pay this much attention to the running game?