So, I know we have probably had several threads in regards to job hunting and resume writing but I have a delema and am seeking some help.

Are there any resume professionals out there, that could assist me?

I am having issues putting together a quality resume for a couple of reasons:

1) Since 2005 I have had an on again off again work history, due to a variety of reasons - mostly related to family medical issues, deaths in the family, etc.

Which leads me into my problem number 2..

2) Since that time, I have had 3 jobs, but 2 of them were pretty much the same exact job, just for competing companies. Is it redundant to have both of those jobs listed in my work history, where the listed experience is almost identical?

I am hoping I can reach out to a pro on this site and see if they can offer any suggestions for assistance, hoping I can send a copy to a pro for a quick "pro-bono" glance and offer any critisisms and assistance.

Thanks in advance.