What are things people say that rub you the wrong way when you hear them? It could be wrong grammar or a saying that you're sick of hearing, etc.

1. Nouns are not verbs. It drives me nuts when people use them as verbs. One recent one is a radio commercial about wearing pink for breast cancer awareness and they're saying "Who do you pink for?" Every time I hear it I want to scream at the radio, "Pink is not a verb!"

2. Any saying that becomes trendy, no matter where it came from. If it's something from a popular tv show or wherever it came from, the minute it becomes the in thing to say that's when I not only won't say it but I get irritated when I hear other people saying it. A lot of things that became popular because Seinfeld come to mind.

3. All kind of things sports announcers say. "He would not be denied!" "I don't know how they scored all those runs when they haven't had any hits with runners in scoring position."