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It seems to me that you're showing a great deal of ignorance on the subject. There are literally dozens of different types of rap, and you're lumping them all into one group as if their cultures are identical. I might as well make all my judgments on country music based on Taylor Swift.

I can only guess as to how you would incorrectly define "rap speak", but to imply that it could have the same meaning as Ebonics is ridiculous and shows even more ignorance. You say they sound like idiots? Try telling that to Talib Kweli. Odds are, he's significantly more educated and accomplished than you (no offense--but for what it's worth, the odds say that he's probably more educated than the rest of us, too).

And speaking of Ebonics, how do you think people came to talk like that? Africans were brought over as slaves, barred from education, and then thrown into extremely dire conditions when slavery ended. Do you think all the other cultures in the world were speaking eloquently within a century or two of being introduced to education? How do you think the British feel about Americans and the ways we abuse English? Do we sound like idiots, too?
Language is a funny thing. We can use perfect grammar, have great diction, sound very sophisticated, and still be an idiot. However, if communication with a listener is the goal, it is advisable to find some common ground. Just like the big word user needs to consider his audience, so does the user of dialects, whether it be street lingo, a thick Latino accent, hillbilly redneck, or someone from Massachussets.